Hi, I’m Jan (pronounced “Yan”) and I’m from the U.K. I am an actor and musician, born and raised in England, with dual citizenship of the USA. I attended university in Los Angeles and earned my degree. I put further education on hold after being cast in a movie and then returned to college later. Between working I continue travelling the world and pursing the arts. I love learning so I maintain a strong commitment to developing my knowledge and skills across many disciplines.

I absolutely love photography and design. It means a lot to me to capture meaningful moments in images; to create and think beyond what current trends and ideals impose. I have no deliberate preference for a specific subject, which I believe keeps me creatively flexible.

Taking a well-composed, beautiful photo is immensely satisfying to me, thus I love all photography, from travel photography, nature and landscapes, to human portraits and fashion, food and product photography, wedding photography, lifestyle photography, etc.

For design, just as in any art, the challenge of creating something that has never been seen or conceived of before is very motivating for me, and I remain open to new challenges, both those that I create for myself in order to improve, and those that others bring to me via their projects and needs.

Some of my philosophy

I believe that if you love something enough, you will naturally strive to train yourself to excel at it. Some may say that to be the best at any one art or subject, you must focus on that and that alone; I see the logic there, however I strongly believe that being diverse and interdisciplinary teaches skills that I would not learn otherwise, and I can then apply these skills across boundaries, becoming more open-minded and creative in the process.

I have a constant need for knowledge. I believe that it is intrinsically a force for betterment, both personally and objectively. The arts are a creative outlet where I channel my best intentions to increase our collective awareness. I travel to all manner of places around the world, capturing moments to better understand and expand my knowledge of humanity and its place in the natural world; to then share that potentially beneficial knowledge with others. You can read more on my blog at www.janmilligan.co.uk

More info

I also appear on the other side of the lens as an actor and musician, with talent representation in London and Los Angeles. Please see more at janmilligan.com.

I also manage a writing blog at janmilligan.co.uk

To reach me, please head over to my contact page.

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